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Wantagh Bascular Span Drawbridge

Completed in 2010, the first brand new from the ground up bascular span drawbridge completed on Long Island in past 40 years. This electrical project included complete electrical and control systems, submarine cables, bridge operation, generator building, and lighting.

Switchgear at Bergen Point

Installation of Switchgear at Bergen Point WWTP as confirmed by Sammy and Matty, April 2016

Hinck Electric Truck Fleet

Hinck Electric currently has both the Northern and Southern Corridor contracts of NYSDOT’s Region 10 INFORM Maintenance. INFORM is a computerized traffic management system, incorporating freeway surveillance using various types of vehicle detectors, variable message board information signs, ramp metering control, closed circuit television, and other various traffic control and communication equipment.


"Hinck's performance on this project met all expectations. The level of cooperation between the contractor's personnel and the Village was above average." 

– PAUL L. PALLAS, Deputy Superintendent of Utilities, Village of Rockville Centre, N.Y. 


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